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Owner was very professional, The work that was done was amazing and the quality is top notch! Would definitely recommend.

George B

I’m a project manager for CFT and used Commence Fence to built 3 of our commercial locations, recycling facility (2100LF), scrap yard (1600LF) and storage facility (2700LF) and we’re about to start another 3000 LF Storage facility in Stittsville, ON. Honestly best company/team to work with. Would recommend for to anyone who wants quality an workmanship and the owner is real customer centric and takes pride in his finished projects.

Hasan Raad

Our installation with Commence Fence had me thoroughly impressed. From the estimators to the owners to the installers, everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. The owner personally helped us choose the perfect Vinyl fence for our property, and they were patient as I asked a lot of questions throughout the process. When it came time for installation, the team was efficient and cleaned up after themselves and respected our property. The end result was Beautiful fence that perfectly suited mine and neighbours needs. I have received numerous compliments from neighbours and friends on the quality of the fence Overall, I highly recommend this fencing company to anyone in need of fencing services. The team is exceptional, and they will work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Jason M

Thanks for the chainlink.

Richard Duvet

The team that came to install our fence was extremely professional. We appreciated the very good service and the kindness of the installers. They did an impeccable job.

Um Sarah

The team was professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating throughout the project. Commence Fence did a fantastic job on our group build.


The end result was beautiful! I highly recommend them for anyone in need of fencing services.

Sean Douglas

Built our pool code Chainlink Fence with them, honestly loved the job and the customer service is amazing

Stephanie O’Neal

We did an installation as a group of neighbours. Our composite finish was well worth the price. Level of professionalism from the estimator to the installation team was just amazing. As a homeowner I would recommend them for their outstanding work and customer service. Thanks guys